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July 31st 2006



At the moment, we appear to keeping with the same group, it seems appropriate to give a little bit more background on the teams we are traveling with.

Team: The Last and the Ludricrous
Drivers: James and Neil
Car: 1970 something Mini Scamp
These guys are bonafide nuts to be driving this car. It looks like a miniature Humvee and breaks down once a day or so. The lads are great and the rig adds some true rally flavor. Take the time to google this car, it is absolutely hilarious.

Team: Wheeler's Garage or something like that.
Drivers: James and Andy
Car: Fiat Cinquecento

These guys are class acts, both either at university or just finishing. James is petrified that wolves are going to get him and Andy is a crack mechanic. Their car was black originally. They took it to school to have it signed by the kids and apparently left with so much inappropriate drawings that they had to paint the center white. Their spotlights on the roofrack have blue LEDs. The combination with the paint job makes them look like cops.

Team: The Dukes of Harlow
Drivers: Barry and Charlie
Car: Nissan Micra painted like the General Lee

These gents joined us just before the Russia-Ukraine border. I am not too sure how long they are going to stay with the convoy but they seem to be good guys. Adding the General Lee to the convoy has escalated our visibility and increased the number of people lurking about at every stop.