Getting Sick in Bishkek

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August 10th 2006



Something happened two nights ago and it made my Wednesday a living hell. We met up with some wonderful ex-pats here in Bishkek and we started drinking vodka martinis around 7:00 p.m. at the Metro, switching then to beer all while eating tasty barfood on their bill. After spending some time there, we moved on to a place called the Golden Bull, whose main advertising image is that of Ben Stiller wrestling a golden bull, a la Dodgeball.

Anyway, after another two drinks there, we made our way back to the Hotel Dostuk and I slept well. Unfortunately, Wednesday found me sick to the stomach and vomiting several times over the course of the day. Some assumed it was the alcohol, others thought it was a mild bug that I somehow contracted. Either way, a very kind ex-Peace Corp volunteer gave me some medicine - taken with Sprite - from his old stash. I slept for three hours and woke up refreshed and totally unnauseated. I feel even better today and am ready to take on the second Kazakh leg up to Russia.

Not too long to go in the grand scheme of things, so wish us luck and keep reading. We'll do our best to convey how amazing it's going to get.