A Changing of the Guard

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July 27th 2006



I dropped Jen off at the airport in Kiev today and she successfully purchased a ticket to Moscow. She is currently in route with a day lay-over in Stockholm. In typical rally fashion, we over slept, got lost, and nearly ran out of gas on the way to the airport. As can be imagined we were both saddened by her departure. She honestly wanted to finish the rally, which is a real testament to her will and resolve considering the troubles we have had.

She definitely understands, appreciates, and enjoys what this rally is all about and I cannot say that for many. I cannot express enough how much it meant to have her along to experience this.

Patrick is somewhere in route to Kiev, I got an email to him very last minute instructing him to change his final destination. Hopefully he arrives today and we get our paperwork tomorrow. Then it's on to Ruskie land.

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