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July 27th 2006



Just got a call from Patrick on the cell that I just acquired today (honestly, ignoring exchange rates is the best way to pretend that you're not spending that much money...because that's exactly what I'm doing). He is at the Kiev Airport and is being picked up right now by Dom and Seth. Hopefully, the woman that I talked to at the DVLA in the UK understood what I was asking and sent us some official-looking documents that will help us cross the border. If those don't come, we have two options: wait for the documents to be sent to our UK address then have them posted here and then drive to the Russian border, or go for the border and hope we can get through as easily as we did at the second Ukrainian one. I'd rather hope than wait.

We have been having a damn good time with the fellows we met from the UK: James and Neil of "The Last and the Ludicrous" and Andy and James of ... um ... (their major sponsor, though their official team name has slipped my mind). If there's one thing we've all learned, it's that Kiev is mediocre, Ukraine is a dump, the girls are pretty nonetheless, and we would never mind if we never came back. Right now BCMC is hoping that we get something to help us cross the border, otherwise we have to play catchup to the other two teams. We have all agreed, as well, that crossing Kazakhstan in a convoy of four cars is the best idea, protecting us from serious breakdown issues and bandits. Yes, there is a good chance that a one to two car convoy might get harassed; three to four much less so.

Currently in limbo, but a limbo that allows me to find internet access and eat decent food. I still haven't had this famous dish that seems to elude me no matter what. I'll figure it out later. Right now, I'd rather get on the road, hit Russia in a convoy and has some fun at the borders. That's what it's all about anyway. More to come no doubt.

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