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July 28th 2006



The convoy pulled out of Kiev around 1 pm or so. We are currently on our way to the Russian border in the southeast corner of the Ukraine. We are keeping with the two other British teams, The Last and The Ludicrous and the lads with the Fiat. Other teams have had a very difficult time with the corrupt police and we are hoping that we are a safer with numbers.

This whole fiasco with the car registration has been stressful and still is not completely solved. We are going to give it a try with our current paperwork plus a scanned letter. In addition, the British embassy is trying to lend a helping hand.

So far today driving might be described as dangerous or insane depending upon your point of view. Along the main road from Kiev to Charkov the road drops to two lanes. There are a lot of slow moving vehicles and the Ukrainians cannot be bothered. They will pass at any moment and completely disregard any oncoming vehicles. As has been our general rule for Eastern Europe, we have chose the join the fun and not resist. It's quite a frightening experience to just make it into your lane with one of those big ass Euro trucks coming straight for you.

The cars are not in the best of shape, the Festival is idling like crap and the Seat has a metallic sound coming from the driver side rear tire. Rally on.

That Might have been a Bad Move